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Site Targetted rehab protocol Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is important for treatment of vestibular disorders.
NeuroEquilibrium has pioneered state-of-the-art virtual reality-based VRT exercise protocols designed to help in:

Patients suffering from vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) dysfunction, visual vertigo, unilateral & bilateral vestibular dysfunction or agoraphobia, acrophobia, phobic postural vertigo, etc. benefit enormously from virtual reality-based vestibular rehabilitation exercises.
Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy in real life situation simulation improves the following symptoms:

The NeuroEquilibrium™ VRT suite of exercise includes:

  • Acrophobia
  • Motion sickness
  • Visual vertigo / agoraphobia
  • VOR & VOR cancellation exercises
  • Gaze stabilization
  • Head & eye coordination
  • Sea sickness

The VR-based VRT advantage

  • More interactive and engaging.
  • Gamification of exercises improves compliance and helps in quantifying the improvement based on scores.
  • Head movements can be tracked in Virtual Reality.
  • The immersion therapy is very effective in certain phobic and psychogenic disorders.
  • Patient improvement is accelerated.

NeuroEquilibrium™ App

The NeuroEquilibrium™ app (iOS/Android) helps patients with their daily home-based exercise. It has:

  • Progressively increasing levels of exercises
  • Daily exercise videos
  • Medicine & exercise reminder service
  • Vertigo and migraine diary

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