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    Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV)


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    For detection of Otolith Disorder

    Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV) is an investigation to evaluate the otolith system which is responsible for the perception of verticality. Static and dynamic SVV are important to:

    • Assess chronic dizziness (find out more)
    • Assess otolithic disorders
    • Differentiate peripheral from central vestibular disorders
    • Decide the side of peripheral vestibular insult during the acute stage
    • Diagnose compensated vestibular disorders
    • Assess the effect of rehabilitation in vertigo patients

    Product Specifications

    • Tubular vision goggle with 9 axis gyroscope
    • Real-time data analysis
    • Fully integrated and computerized
    • Simple to use, no moving parts

    Tests Conducted

    • Static SVV, head vertical
    • Static SVV, head inclined at 30 degrees
    • Dynamic moving background, head vertical

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