Quick facts about balance disorders


people have dizziness*


people are affected by dizziness at some point of time in their life**


have vertigo in any given year#


of all primary care patients complain of dizziness


of vertigo problems are because of inner ear and brain

The problem of vertigo and disequilibrium is epidemic in proportion. Nearly 60 million Indians suffer from it.

But it is entirely treatable. With the right diagnosis.

The NeuroEquilibrium™

Our goal is treatment and management of 1 million patients suffering from vertigo, dizziness & balance disorders by 2021

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There is a huge gap between the number of vertigo, dizziness and balance disorder patients and the lack of targeted treatment in India. Nearly 60 million Indians are affected by these problems with little medical solutions offered to them. They just live with their “condition”. At NeuroEquilibrium™, our goal is to transform this through our disruptive cloud technology and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, developed and manufactured by us in India.

Customized vertigo healthcare by NeuroEquilibrium™

Vertigo is a sensation of spinning, unsteadiness...

Vertigo is a sensation of spinning, unsteadiness or a false sense of motion. Sufferers often term it dizziness, imbalance, light-headedness or ‘chakkar’. However, dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders have been treated as chronic conditions with vestibular suppressants without looking for the root cause of the problem. The fact is that various otological, neurological and systemic disorders lead to vertigo, and vertigo patients need to be properly evaluated to reach a correct diagnosis. Only a proper evaluation will guide the doctor to prescribe the correct line of treatment.

Vertigo and dizziness affect all age groups and are common complaints reported to doctors of all specialities. But their proper diagnosis is possible only if the medical practitioner makes a systematic evaluation with a neuro-otological workup to find the actual cause of the problem; suppressing a symptom is not the solution. Each aetiology, or set of causes, has a different appearance and, therefore, requires a different treatment. Correct diagnosis, followed by rational treatment, therefore, is the only way to give the patient lasting benefit.

vertigo healthcare, provided by Advanced Vertigo and Balance Clinic, is a world-class approach to treating vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders. We provide a comprehensive workup of our patients, which is assessed by our panel of doctors, including a neurotologist, neurologist and psychiatrist. According to the diagnosis, the management of the disease is planned and prescribed through medical treatment, physical manoeuvres, vestibular rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle changes and, in rare cases, surgery.

Advanced Vertigo and Balance Clinic has adopted a three-pronged strategy to fill the huge gap that exists between the demand for and delivery of holistic treatment of vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders. The strategies include:

  • Collaborating with ENT and neurology specialists across India to set up vertigo and balance disorder clinics.
  • Setting up specialized vertigo diagnostic equipment suite developed and manufactured indigenously by NeuroEquilibrium™ Diagnostic Systems Pvt Ltd.
  • Accurate analyses of tests and diagnoses support to the doctor by a panel comprising ENT specialist, neurologist and psychiatrist via Cloud Technology under the NeuroEquilibrium™ Assessment Platform.

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