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Let’s Get Together To Restore Balance

NeuroEquilibrium (TM) has world class diagnostic equipments and assessment platform to treat vertigo and other balance disorders.

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We are on a mission. To free 1 million patients from vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders by 2022. We cannot do it alone. But, together we can.

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Quick Facts About Balance Disorder


people have dizziness*

20 – 40%

people are affected by dizziness at some point of time in their life**


have vertigo in any given year#


of all primary care patients complain of dizziness


of vertigo problems are because of inner ear and brain

*Timothy C. Hain, MD,
** #Epidemiology of Vestibular Vertigo: HK Neuhauser,
+Timothy C. Hain, MD,

The Problem Of Vertigo And Disequilibrium Is Epidemic In Proportion. Nearly 60 Million Indians Suffer From It.

But It Is Entirely Treatable. With The Right Diagnosis. And The Right Equipment.

Neurotological Evaluation With NeuroEquilibrium™ Equipment

Disequilibrium is caused by the disturbance in the harmonious functioning of the balance system of the human body, which is maintained by inputs from the eyes, inner ears (vestibular) and the proprioceptive system. It is a complex network with many components, including the

Vestibulo-ocular reflex

Vestibulospinal reflex Vestibulocollic reflex
Otolith organs Vestibular nerve Central connections

These three systems send signals to the brain for proper coordination and maintenance of balance. A neurotological evaluation of vertigo and balance disorder patients covers an assessment of their functioning and coordination with our suite of breakthrough and patented diagnostic equipment.

Any disturbance in the harmonious functioning of these systems is diagnosed by our specialized neurotological team at the advanced vertigo and balance clinics, which evaluates each part of the vestibular system. Once its functional status has been assessed and affected areas identified, the management protocol is decided upon.

Video Nystagmography (VNG)

The Video Nystagmography (VNG) investigation evaluates the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR), which is an important part of the vestibular system to maintain balance. It also evaluates the oculomotor system, responsible for gaze stabilization and fixation.Using VNG, the doctor can evaluate and distinguish between peripheral and central vestibular disorders functions; decide the side affected and, in case of BPPV, determine the position of the otolith within the semicircular canals.

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Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV)

Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV) is the test for the otolithsystem (the utricle and saccule) which is responsible for perception of verticality, and is especially useful for patients of chronic unsteadiness.

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Craniocorpography (CCG)

Craniocorpography (CCG) evaluates the vestibulospinal reflex, which is responsible for maintenance of balance during gait testing.

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Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA)

Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) is an investigation for detection of peripheral vestibulopathy and early detection of vestibulotoxicity. It assesses the ability of the subject to maintain the image on the fovea during head movement. This is an important function of VOR (vestibulocular reflex). In normal persons, the image of a moving target is maintained on the fovea by VOR. When the VOR system is impaired, visual acuity degrades substantially during head movement as the subject is not able to maintain the image on the retina, resulting in retinal slip and blurring of vision with a feeling of instability.

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Electronystagmography (ENG)

Electronystagmography (ENG) is also available at NeuroEquilibrium™ Diagnostic Systems though we recommend Video Nystagmography (VNG), which is a far more advanced test. As in VNG, this investigation evaluates the vestibulo ocular reflex (VOR), which helps in maintenance of balance. It also evaluates the oculomotor system, which is responsible for gaze stabilization and fixation. It helps to evaluate peripheral and central vestibular functions:

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Customized Vestibular Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of treatment in various vertigo disorders. We design customised vestibular rehabilitation programmes for the patient to help strengthen the balance system.

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Vestibular NeuroEquilibrium™ Assessment Platform


NeuroEquilibrium™ Assessment Platform is the most advanced vertigo and balance assessment platform in the world, developed in collaboration with top neurotologists of India.

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Testimonials From Doctors

I have been using the VNG, SVV, DVA and CCG from NeuroEquilibrium for the last four months. I am completely satisfied with the performance of the equipment and would like my newly emerging neurotologist colleagues to go for this equipment. Apart from the instruments, the patient history proforma for Vertigo cases is extremely helpful in arriving at a proper conclusion, Wishing you a successful future

Dr AP Shah, Maurya ENT Research Centre Kanker Bagh, Patna

And all the way from Cyprus!

In my private practice, I have added to my diagnostic arsenal, the NeuroEquilibrium equipment. Since I have started using it, I am able to get the exact diagnosis to treat my patients – at times, diagnosing up to three underlying causes. Just diagnosing someone who has chronic vertigo, which was never properly examined and diagnosed earlier, is almost half the treatment! Patients feel relieved and satisfied with just that they have finally been diagnosed and not left untreated with a feeling of being abandoned and alone.

I would recommend NeuroEquilibrium to any ENT doctor who wants to expand his practice with world-class quality and powerful diagnostic equipment. It has helped my practice and my patients are very happy.

Dr Georgos F Ioannides, MD, PhD, ENT surgeon

This comprehensive approach and the diagnostic platform is very beneficial for medical practitioners to access the cause of balance disorders and to provide proper treatment and rehabilitation to the patient

Dr Rahuldeb Chatterjee, Consultant ENT Surgeon

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