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    To Evaluate Postural Control

    Stabilometry is an objective and functional evaluation of the postural control system in its steady-state behaviour. It is also a very good evaluation tool to measure the outcome of vestibular rehabilitation.

    It consists of the following tests:

    • Sensory Integration of Balance (mCTSIB): The mCTSIB test assesses functional balance control based on the patient’s postural sway velocity during four testing conditions. Results are presented in graphical form, with Center of Gravity (COG) traces shown for each condition tested.
    • Limits of Stability (LOS): The LOS quantifies the maximum distance the patient can intentionally displace their COG in the different directions & maintain stability at those positions. Measured parameters are reaction time, directional control, end point excursion, and maximum excursion.
    • Rhythmic Weight Shift(RWS): The RWS quantifies the patient’s ability to rhythmically move their COG from left to right and forward to backward between two targets at different speeds. The measured parameters are the COG velocity and directional control.

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