Videonystagmography (VNG)

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Video Nystagmography (VNG) is the most advanced technology for observation, measurement and analysis of eye movement during various oculomotor and vestibular tests.

NeuroEquilibrium VNG is a state-of-the-art system — the most non-invasive, accurate, reliable, and affordable
way of evaluating the vestibular and oculomotor systems. This cutting-edge equipment eradicates the issue of
myogenic and electrical noise seen in ENG.
NeuroEquilibrium VNG evaluates peripheral and central vestibular functions through the following protocols:

  • Spontaneous nystagmus with and without optic fixation

  • Gaze evoked nystagmus

  • Saccades – fixed & random

  • Smooth tracking with varying frequencies

  • Optokinetic test

  • Head shaking test

  • Caloric test

  • Positional testing including Dix-Hallpike test, McClure’s test, supine and deep head hanging

  • Valsalva, hyperventilation and vibration-induced nystagmus

  • Skew deviation

Product Specifications :

Real time analysis of all parameters with real time recordings

Advanced video playback

  • Pause, slow-motion, and beat-by-beat playback optiona allow playback in line with VNG tracings as your scroll through the recordings.
  • Easy video storage and file transfer to external media storage.

Superior oculomotor stimuli

  • Projector image instead of traditional light bar to ensure better optokinetic stimulation along with fixed and random saccades, and smooth pursuit recording at varying velocites.

Comprehensive reporting

  • Detailed, customized reports automatically created in easy formate for doctors, audiologists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Concise, and organized reports, stored on the cloud, maka it convenient to view data from anyware and share data easily.

Intelligent software

  • The most advanced eye tracking algorithm.
  • The NeuroEquilibrium algorithm automatically calculates the slow phase velocity, and counts the number of beats per second.
  • Automatically selects the best 30 seconds in caloric testing.
  • Starts the built-in fixation light and calculations the fixation index automatically.
  • Corrects the effect of spontaneous nystagmus in caloric index.
  • Automatically calculates directional preponderance and canal paresis.
  • Aadvanced algorithm to generate random saccades and remove anticipated saccades, automatically calculate latency, precision, and velocity.
  • Generates smooth pursuit at varying frequencies and automatically calculates gain.
  • Automatically generates graphs of all parameters with easy visual comparison with normative data.

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