Customized vertigo healthcare just for you

The NeuroEquilibrium™ mission

Our goal is treatment and management of one million patients suffering from vertigo, dizziness & balance disorders by 2021

Disequilibrium is a
huge problem

The problem of vertigo and disequilibrium is epidemic in proportion. Nearly 60 million Indians suffer vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders.

Unfortunately, though hugely prevalent, this medical problem remains undiagnosed in many cases. Most vertigo patients do not know what to do about their medical condition or even which doctor to consult — landing up at all types of specialists including ENT, neurologists, orthopaedics, or physicians.

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The NeuroEquilibrium™

In reality, vertigo and balance disorders are fully treatable through manoeuvres, medical care and rehabilitation exercises. At NeuroEquilibrium™ we give our patients that assurance with our world-class Balance Assessment Platform.

With cutting-edge Cloud Technology technology on our side, we offer a comprehensive treatment of this condition through

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Individually tailored rehab programmes

Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of treatment in various imbalance disorders. At NeuroEquilibrium™ we design customized rehab programmes to strengthen your balance system.

Vestibular rehabilitation (VR) exercises or vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) are an important part of the treatment of the various vestibular disorders that can cause vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, imbalance, etc.

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