Customized vertigo healthcare just for you

The NeuroEquilibrium™ mission


Our goal is treatment and management of one million patients suffering from vertigo, dizziness & balance disorders by 2021


Disequilibrium is a
huge problem

The problem of vertigo and disequilibrium is epidemic in proportion. Nearly 60 million Indians suffer vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders.

Unfortunately, though hugely prevalent, this medical problem remains undiagnosed in many cases. Most vertigo patients do not know what to do about their medical condition or even which doctor to consult — landing up at all types of specialists including ENT, neurologists, orthopaedics, or physicians.

Worse, most patients believe that it is incurable, that vertigo is a chronic condition they have to live with. A delay in accurate diagnosis of vertigo and, following that, its proper treatment severely hampers daily living for millions of sufferers.

But despite the staggering numbers, there was hardly any treatment available until recently. Nor was it commonly known that vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders are actually only symptomatic of diseases like BPPV, Meniere’s Disease, Vestibular Neuritis, Labyrinthitis, Acoustic Neuroma, Otolith Dysfunction, Vestibular Migraine, Central Vestibulopathy or Psychogenic Disorders.

In most cases, the underlining cause of vertigo is not even identified. In reality, there are otological, neurological and systemic causes for its occurrence. It is important to recognize what causes vertigo and dizziness — your doctor needs to assess if they are related to the inner ear (which is most common), or neurological or systemic disorders.

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The NeuroEquilibrium™

In reality, vertigo and balance disorders are fully treatable through manoeuvres, medical care and rehabilitation exercises. At NeuroEquilibrium™ we give our patients that assurance with our world-class Balance Assessment Platform.

With cutting-edge Cloud Technology technology on our side, we offer a comprehensive treatment of this condition through

  • Accurate diagnoses of your problem by neurotologists who make a systematic evaluation of the underlining cause of your ailment.
  • Evaluation by our expert panel of ENT specialists, neurologists and psychiatrists.
  • Rehabilitation programmes customized for you at our specialized Advanced Vertigo and Balance Clinics across India.
  • State-of-the-art vertigo diagnostic equipment developed and manufactured by NeuroEquilibrium™ Diagnostic Systems Pvt Ltd.
  • Cutting-edge NeuroEquilibrium™ Assessment Platform, which is the most advanced and comprehensive treatment mechanism that integrates various diagnostic tests on one platform, beams them up via Cloud Technology for remote expert interpretation and treatment of the patient in real time.
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Individually tailored rehab programmes

Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of treatment in various imbalance disorders. At NeuroEquilibrium™ we design customized rehab programmes to strengthen your balance system.

Vestibular rehabilitation (VR) exercises or vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) are an important part of the treatment of the various vestibular disorders that can cause vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, imbalance, etc.

The function of the vestibular system within the inner ear and its connections to the brain is to process the sensory data that controls the human body’s balance and eye movement. Disorders occur when injury or disease damages these parts. Sometimes, they are also brought on by heredity or the environment you live in resulting in spinning or unsteadiness. It affects day to day life and may result in loss of confidence and a fear of going out alone.

At Advanced Vertigo and Balance Clinics, we design customized vestibular rehabilitation programmes for the patient to help strengthen the balance system. The programme is based on exercises designed to help in gaze stabilization, sensory reorganization, desensitization and development of alternate compensatory pathways.

Our VRT improves deficits in the vestibular system, increases daily activity functionality, and reduces the risk of falling. Ultimately it enhances the quality of the patient’s life.

The NeuroEquilibrium™ rehabilitation programmes are tailored to individual needs, taking into consideration the vestibular deficit, severity of symptoms, cause of imbalance, response to treatment and associated medical problems.

What you can expect from vestibular rehabilitation

  • Decreased dizziness
  • Decreased risk of fall
  • Increased stability / balance
  • Improved stability of vision
  • Reduced symptoms
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