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NeuroEquilibrium has clinics around Asia for the treatment of vertigo and other balance disorders. World's First Chain of Vertigo Clinics

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ENT Spectra

HIG-1, ADA Colony, Phase- II, (1st Floor, Dr.Lohchab Ultrasound Centre), Kishanpur, Ramghat Road, Aligarh - 202001



Ojha Hospital

8, Tagore Town, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh - 211002

  • Tuesday to Saturday | 12pm - 5pm
  • Sunday & Monday | Open 24 Hours


Chikitsa ENT Hospital

60, Pink Plaza, Hall Rd, Pink Plaza Market, Outside, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

  • Monday to Saturday | 11am - 2pm, 6pm - 8pm


Advanced ENT Hospital

Plot No 29, Sarang Society Gajanan Maharaj Mandir to Reliance Mall Road, Garkheda 431005

  • Monday to Saturday | 11am - 7pm


Pragati Maternity Hospital

P-5/4, Deen Dayal Puram, Stadium Road in Front of St. Francis School, Bareilly - 243122

  • Monday to Saturday | 11am - 5pm


Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield

Survey No. 10P & 12P, Whitefield Main Rd, Varthur Kodi, Ramagondanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

  • Monday to Saturday | 10am - 5pm
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Testimonials From Patients

Dr. Mahaveer Mehta, Dubai

I'm Dr. mahaveer mehta from dubai. I unfortunately suffered from a severe attack of vertigo. It was extremely scary and uncomfortable. I was depressed with sleepless nights affecting work and routine. After taking an opinion from cardiologist in USA + top neurologist in India to find a cause. They suggested me various tests but I had heard about vertigo + ear clinic headed by Dr. Anita Bhandari. So I travelled to jaipur and met her. She did an evaluation and diagnosed and treatment the problem on the same day. To my surprise, I started feeling better from the same night. Next day I was 100% cured. Thank you so much for finding the cause and treatment me so quickly. I recommend this clinic eyes closed. Purpose of writing this to help people who suffer for vertigo should reach out to this place.

Mr. Rajendra Singh

A hospital, where you enter and feel the proper treatment.
a) The staff politeness.
b) The clinical tests.
c) The doctor's advise/treatment.
d) The total satisfaction of cure.
I wish most of the medical centres have the same attitude in my city. Thank You All, All the best to all.

Mrs. Madhulika, 62 Years

I had a sudden onset of vertigo lasting a few hours every day for the past many days. The doctor diagnosed me with BPPV, which was treated with Particle Repositioning Manoeuvre. I am now symptom free and can’t tell you how relived I am!

Mrs. Amrit Kaur, 65 Years

I was suffering from recurrent spells of vertigo for over one month. I was diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). I was treated with Epley’sManoeuvre and was symptom free after that. I have not required any further medication since then.

Mr. Sankalp Surana, 32 Years

I suddenly had acute vertigo with severe spinning, nausea and vomiting. I could not even walk without support. I was diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis. She put me on treatment with medicines and Vestibular Rehabilitation. I feel much better now.

Mrs. Suman, 45 Years

I was suffering from severe vertigo spells lasting 1-2 days every month since the last 5 years. I had visited many doctors but nothing helped me. After I was tested at Advanced Balance and Vertigo Clinic , I was diagnosed with Vestibular migraine. Since I started treatment my vertigo attacks are now under control.

Mr. Bajrang, 35 Years

I felt unsteady on getting up from bed and on fast movements. I also had difficulty in driving and focusing while moving my head. I was evaluated at NeuorequilibriumClinic.and was told that I was suffering from Bilateral Peripheral Vestibulopathy. I was put on a Vestibular Rehabilitation program. Now I feel much better.

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You need not suffer in silence now. You need not accept vertigo as ‘something you have to live with’. There is a way to cure vertigo, dizziness and any other balancing issues you are facing. Live a stable and vibrant life.

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