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NeuroEquilibrium Vertigo Specialists in Bengaluru

NeuroEquilibrium has clinics around Bengaluru for the treatment of vertigo and other balance disorders.


Vertigo, Vestibular Migraine, BBPV, Dizziness, Imbalance, and Tinnitus are chronic conditions that affect daily life of patients. To make sure you get the best treatment for this chronic condition, you must consult our vertigo specialists in Bengaluru.

At NeuroEquilibrium, we adopt a holistic type of treatment towards management and cure of severe vertigo cases where not just the disease but its impact on everyday life is also addressed. With our breakthrough innovations in this field and use of advanced diagnostic solutions, our experts are able to provide the best and appropriate treatment to this problem.

Our vertigo clinics in Bengaluru are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and assessment systems so that patients suffering from vertigo are able to get the accurate diagnosis of the underlying disorder and get rid of this problem permanently. We have the best doctors in Bengaluru who have handled intricate vertigo issues with ease.

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Vertigo & Dizziness Assessment


Disequilibrium is caused by the disturbance in the harmonious functioning of the balance system of our body. If you are experiencing any balance problems, get evaluated by our specialized neurotological team at one of our Advanced Vertigo and Balance Clinics situated across the country.


Customized Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of treatment in various vertigo disorders. We design customized rehab programmes to help strengthen your balance system at our specialized Advanced Vertigo and Balance Clinics across India.


Disruptive Cloud Technology


At NeuroEquilibrium™, we leverage Cloud Technology to treat the huge number of people affected by balance disorders. Our comprehensive diagnostic system integrates various tests on our highly advanced vertigo and balance assessment platform


Testimonials From Patients

Rama Rao

I am a working mother of 3 suffering from vertigo. I sought out the help of a local ear, throat, and nose physician who diagnosed me with BBPV. I had experienced 2 manual epley table maneuvers but the vertigo still continued. At this point of time, depression hit me. I was feeling frustrated, sick, exhausted, and helpless. After doing research online, I visited NeuroEquilibrium in Bangalore and took the treatment and now able to successfully manage the symptoms.

Vishwanath T

NeuroEquilibrium has the best vertigo doctors in Bengaluru. They did a bunch of vestibular tests and once they determined that I had calcium deposits in my ear, they told me about a new machine in their clinic. The experience was truly beneficial and amazing. I went through different head and neck movements. The experts even customized a lifestyle plan for me and soon my vertigo problem got cured. I feel like I have my life back! Thanks to the NeuroEquilibrium experts!

Anitha Nair

Going through my horrifying experience with vertigo, my life started feeling like upside down. I was not able to walk and my vision too felt fuzzy and delayed. With the head and eyes movement exercised offered by vertigo specialist at NeuroEquilibrium Bengaluru, I soon was able to help regain my body balance and settle down. It did not feel like I was doing much. When I started to experience results, I start enjoying games and even other things in my life. After exercises, I still feel relieved and my body is now feeling good. I am still going NeuroEquilibrium for regular exercise sessions and checkup, but I have already started feeling the difference.

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You need not suffer in silence now. You need not accept vertigo as ‘something you have to live with.’ now. There is a way to cure vertigo, dizziness and any other balancing issues you are facing. Live a stable and vibrant life.

A Vertigo Free Life! 

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